Our Process

Our mission at GATA Wealth Management is to optimize the financial strength of our clients. It starts with a conversation. GATA Wealth Management is not a perfect fit for everyone and not everyone is an ideal client for GATA Wealth Management. Are we right for you? Let's find out. Just contact us for a preliminary discussion of your financial goals. A 30 minute casual conversation, over a cup of coffee, in our office, or yours and we can typically lay the ground work for a long term relationship, or help point you in the right direction toward someone who might be able to help you.

We follow a simple, efficient process:

1. We ORGANIZE and simplify client wealth

Clients that know what they have fare better than those who don’t. We must utilize technology to create transparency and order for a client’s financial picture. The secure and confidential storage of wills, trusts, tax documents, etc., will allow us to obtain a complete picture of a client’s financial profile. Then we can maximize our value and know where assets and liabilities are allocated. This also creates purpose for each asset with a directive to fulfill a specific need. With new technologies that provide our clients with 24/7 comprehensive access to their entire financial situation, our clients are never in the dark about where they stand.

2. We CREATE probabilities to help fulfill clients’ dreams and ambitions

Understanding what a client’s dreams and ambitions are will truly guide our planning and justify what is prioritized in a client’s financial directives. We will incorporate technologies to illustrate probabilities of working toward these desired outcomes. Clients can rest easier when a detailed, structured plan can be put in place to pursue their goals.

3. We PLAN for unpredictable events

In planning for a financial future, unknowns will occur. Having a plan for the “what ifs” in life will safeguard and protect our clients from outside influences placing pressures on our objectives. These influences may be in the form of tax law changes, health and welfare concerns, economic volatility, and the financial markets.

4. We COMMUNICATE proactively to clients

Our goal is to inform our clients how and when we plan to communicate and what we will discuss during our future communications. This is not a mandate that we talk every quarter or twice a year. It does mean that clients have been given an expectation of what our communication methods will be and what will be our topics for future discussions



Need a little help in deciding which products would be right for you and your family? Please do not hesitate to contact us for additional information. We can help you analyze your needs and recommend appropriate products.